Ensuring Your Data Security with Kaptr.me

Security is not just a feature but a foundation. That’s why we’ve engineered our Chrome extension to prioritize your data protection above all. Our service operates within the secure confines of your browser, which means there’s no need for us to access your login credentials or sensitive information, at any time to make Kaptr.me work.

Authentications Stay With You

Whether you want to capture information from your social media, internal tools, or even your bank accounts, Kaptr.me won’t ever have to use or store your credential. Our technology is designed to mimic actions within your browser, similar to what you would do manually. The only data sent back to our servers is the screenshot of the information you want to capture.

Your Data, Your Control

With Kaptr.me, you hold the reins. You decide the visibility settings for each board you create. By default, every board is set to “private,” meaning only you can access it unless you choose to share it with your team or clients. This allows you to maintain complete control over who views your data, providing peace of mind and reinforcing the security framework we promise.

Data Transmission, Encrypted and Safe

We use robust encryption protocols for the transmission of your screenshots. This ensures that from the moment a screenshot is captured to when it’s stored on our servers, your data is protected against unauthorized access.

Privacy by Design

Kaptr.me is built with privacy by design. We’re committed to transparent practices that protect our users, which means we only capture the data you ask us to. There’s no background snooping or unnecessary data collection. You capture what you need, and that’s all we see.

Continuous Commitment to Safety

Our dedication to your security is ongoing. We continuously update and improve our security measures to safeguard your information against new threats. With Kaptr.me, you can feel secure in the knowledge that your data is just as safe as it would be if it never left your browser – because, with us, it doesn’t.