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Capture the web.

Create your personal dashboard using live snapshots of any app or website, that stay up to date automatically.

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How it works ?

Capture snapshots of any websites

All your live-snapshots, in your dashboard

Your data, always fresh

Keep your data live

Create snapshot

Capture snapshots of any app or websites with our extensions

Edit snapshot

 You can resize your snapshots to make sure everything is neat and easy to read

Add Text

Add notes to your dashboard

Multiple Dashboards

Segment your snapshots into multiple dashboards based on topics or projects you want

Presentation Mode

Share your dashboards publicly or privately

And more …

Snapshots history, AI Snapshots …

Share Dashboards

Manage the visibility of your dashboards to share them as you wish

Great tool, super practical for bringing together data from several different places without having to create a mess of connections or manually fill out a Google Sheets. And what’s more, the team is super responsive and very friendly!

Martin D.

I use Kaptr every day. Whether for personal: messaging, favorite sites, stock exchanges… and for professionals: dashboards, tools… New features and developments are released regularly which makes the tool always better. I totally recommend!!

William M.

Awesome product to create a dashboard that has been missing from my life. I am able to keep a board instead of multiple tabs open in my browser, and have one main page for my daily check in. Clean design and so easy to use!

Wesley S.

I’ve been looking for this type of tool for a long time, and I haven’t found anything that suits me. A very nice discovery, which I will recommend to those around me.

Michael M.

5 starts for ease of use, great addition to my favourite extensions. Personally helping me keep up with marketing

Ashely A.

I discovered Kaptr.me recently, and honestly, it’s a total game-changer for managing things on the web.

Henri G.

I finally found the tool I needed to get organized and save time. Kaptr allows me to take screen captures and create a simple and clear dashboard. Currently, it simplifies my job search and allows me to have an overview of my finances. I recommend !

Deborah P.

This helps me create clear dashboards with ease! Kudos to the team behind this tool!

Pedro Y.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Kaptr and how does it work?
Kaptr is a tool that allows you to take snapshots of websites. Kaptr operates by accessing your browser to refresh snapshots in the background, ensuring your current browsing session is uninterrupted.
Can I share my Kaptr dashboard with others?
Absolutely! Kaptr allows you to easily share your dashboard. You also have the option to keep it private if you prefer.
How does the snapshot refresh process work in Kaptr?
When a snapshot is refreshed, Kaptr accesses your browser. If you’re still logged into a site, the page will open correctly, and Kaptr will take a new snapshot in the background, without interrupting your current activity.
Does Kaptr work on a site where I need to be signed in?
Yes, Kaptr works on any site you want, whether you’re logged in or not. We do not record login logs. We simply open a background window in your browser to retrieve the information you need to update your snapshots.
Does Kaptr store my login details or connection logs?
No, Kaptr prioritizes user privacy. We do not store any login details or connection logs. Your browsing activity and data remain private.
Is my data secure with Kaptr?
Yes, your data security is our top priority. We employ robust encryption methods to keep your snapshots and data secure.

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