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Capture snapshots of any websites

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Frequently asked questions

What is Kaptr and how does it work?
Kaptr is a tool that allows you to take snapshots of websites. Kaptr operates by accessing your browser to refresh snapshots in the background, ensuring your current browsing session is uninterrupted.
Can I share my Kaptr dashboard with others?
Absolutely! Kaptr allows you to easily share your dashboard. You also have the option to keep it private if you prefer.
How does the snapshot refresh process work in Kaptr?
When a snapshot is refreshed, Kaptr accesses your browser. If you’re still logged into a site, the page will open correctly, and Kaptr will take a new snapshot in the background, without interrupting your current activity.
Does Kaptr work on a site where I need to be signed in?
Yes, Kaptr works on any site you want, whether you’re logged in or not. We do not record login logs. We simply open a background window in your browser to retrieve the information you need to update your snapshots.
Does Kaptr store my login details or connection logs?
No, Kaptr prioritizes user privacy. We do not store any login details or connection logs. Your browsing activity and data remain private.
Is my data secure with Kaptr?
Yes, your data security is our top priority. We employ robust encryption methods to keep your snapshots and data secure.

Explore some use cases

Instant Capture

Effortlessly snap real-time snapshots of any website

Custom Dashboard

Organize and manage your captures in a personalized workspace

Secure Storage

Your captures are safely encrypted and stored. We don’t record any connection logs

Share & Collaborate

Easily share your dashboard. Create as many dashboards as you need

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